How do you prepare for the startup of your company after the COVID-l9 lockdown?

How do you prepare for the startup of your company after the lockdown?

Europe is currently in a situation for which the recent past is unpre­ce­den­ted.

The next challenge is already in sight:

After the lockdown has ended, how normal business ope­ra­ti­ons can be resumed without addi­tio­nal delays? How long this will be, depends on the start and foresight of the planning, as well as the resulting measures of the companies concerned.

What we are tackling now deter­mi­nes how suc­cess­ful the companies will be in starting regular jobs again.

Two exemplary – deli­ber­ately different – widespread views:


1. Wait to see how the situation develops. We cannot do anything right now. First, we must know when it will continue!


2. To face the chal­len­ges proac­tively and crea­tively in order to develop solutions reducing addi­tio­nal delays.

Asia is eco­no­mi­c­ally a month ahead of us. This includes rest­ar­ting companies, Pro­duc­tion and service providers. So, we have the great oppor­tu­nity to fall back on qualified expe­ri­en­ces already made.

Bernd Hauser, CEO

Mr. Bernd Hauser, CEO of an auto­mo­tive supplier from Shanghai, offers in this webinar to present his expe­ri­en­ces to an inte­rested group of people:
He had to make sure, to bring his company back into operation without delays. To achieve this, he and his team performed lots of activi­ties.

Bernd Hauser


Company requirements

He had to make sure, to bring his company back into operation without delays. To achieve this, he and his team performed lots of activi­ties.

  • the entire supplier chain (incoming goods, internal trans­ports, customer delivery) had to be activated (trans­por­ta­tion fleet, material pro­cu­re­ment, WIP, dispatch warehouse, …)
  • the pro­duc­tion had to be preparedd
  • Admi­nis­tra­tive struc­tures (HR depart­ment, purcha­sing, sales, …) had to be activated
  • and special attention had to be paid to the aspects connected with the deploy­ment of personnel..
  • . . .

The desi­gna­ted areas had to be able to act again on a key date. So, he was already on the path that many countries in Europe still must face.During the showdown via home office, con­fe­rence calls, online meetings with the key inter­faces, Mr. Hauser worked hard to set the essential course. Several points had to be observed and coor­di­na­ted:

Taskforce, planning & activities

Etliche Punkte waren zu beachten und zu koor­di­nie­ren, u.a.:

  • how many employees can be planned, how many are in qua­ran­tine, which employees must the company replace at short notice?
  • what is the situation with the suppliers?
  • what are the demands from the customer and what is the situation there?
  • what needs to be con­si­de­red for machines and systems that have been idle for a long time? How can pro­duc­tion reliably get this machinery going again?
  • which measures, demands and requi­re­ments had to be observed and followed by the legis­la­tor and the aut­ho­ri­ties?
  • which requi­re­ments on the part of the aut­ho­ri­ties and offices had to be observed?
  • how to deal with the projects whose process has been inter­rup­ted and what possible demands had to be prepared for after the lockdown?
  • . . .

One of the biggest chal­len­ges during the inventory was to validate the incoming infor­ma­tion. The numbers, data and facts were the basis for planning all activi­ties. The suc­cess­ful imple­men­ta­tion of the notified measures could only succeed with reliable and real infor­ma­tion. We are currently facing the situation, how infor­ma­tion is con­tra­dic­ting itself and proving to be unre­li­able in many ways. The situation in China was similar.Mr. Hauser and his team worked inten­si­vely on all these topics during the shutdown, with the result that his company was able deliver again within a short time.

Webinar process

In the appro­xi­mately one-hour webinar, Mr. Bernd Hauser will share his expe­ri­en­ces with us. After the webinar Time is available for questions and answers.
Grab this oppor­tu­nity to get first-hand infor­ma­tion, to ask questions, and get sug­ges­ti­ons and inspi­ra­ti­ons for your company.

  • The webinar will take place on May 5th, 2020, starts at 2:30 p.m. and is expected to last until 4:00 p.m. (CET) The lecture lasts approx. 45 – 50 minutes. There are approx. 30 minutes available for questions / dis­cus­sions.
    The seminar is carried out with the video con­fe­rence software Zoom
  • Why is the seminar held as a web con­fe­rence?
    The speaker, Mr. Bernd Hauser, currently lives and works in Shanghai, V.R. China


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